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***05/06/2017***Updated to v.004. Hopefully won't have to update it again for a long time. Also added a Mockup image to show what the game looks during gameplay.

***05/06/2017***Updated to v.003. Added the site. Corrected a few more spelling errors.

***05/04/2017*** Updated to v.002. Streamlined SITUATION and HOW TO PLAY paragraphs. Enlarged text for PLAYERS blurb.

***NOTE*** This is also on one side of the sheet.


Astronomers from SOL III are horrified to discover a massive meteorite heading straight for the planet, set to arrive 2 weeks after its discovery. Each nation/alliance has only enough time and resources to build 2 fission bombs. Although not enough to destroy the meteor, they hope to at least divert its course so the planet does not suck the meteor into its magnetic field.




You need

-sheet with the game board and pieces (the other side of the page with the dotted lines)

-a 6-sided die

1) Cut out the game board and the pieces.

2) Tape the back of the game board so the shorter part is on the bottom.


1) Before starting a game, decide how many turns a game will last. A "turn" is when every player can roll the die and move a piece. 2-5 turns are optimal.

2) Decide which player goes first.

3) Roll the die according to that order.

4) put the piece on the marked line, missile point facing towards the METEOR.

5) The player whose bomb is closest to the METEOR when the set number of turns ends wins.


1) The first player to have all their bombs reach the END (the METEOR) wins.

2) All the bombs reach the METEOR before the set number of turns ends (including the last turn of the last player).

3) The player whose bomb is closest to the METEOR when the set number of turns ends wins.

***OPTIONAL***Feel free to make explosion sounds/actions everytime a MISSILE (a PIECE) reaches the END (the METEOR). If all the MISSILES reach the METEOR feel free to do it together at once!


8 1/2 x 11 inch (U.S. Letter size) paper, double-sided


fumefever - Graphics, Story, Rules

Jesus - gave me the idea-pushed me to finish it. Thank you Jesus!

CategoryPhysical game
Release date Jun 02, 2017
Tagspaperjam, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few minutes


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